Future of No-code technology. Is it worth it to learn no-code in 2024?

no-code technology

No-code Technology Revolution: Why It’s Worth Learning (Even as a Coding Veteran) For 5 years, I’ve been working in the world of code. I’ve built intricate applications, navigated complex algorithms, and reveled in the problem-solving power of programming. But recently, a new wave has washed over the tech industry: the no-code technology movement. Don’t worry, you … Read more

How Is The Job Market In India: Is The Situation Worsening in 2024?

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Overview of the Current Job Market Situation in India Remember the days of our parents bragging about a job market in India overflowing with opportunities? Yeah, well, 2024 is a different story. Don’t get me wrong, there are still jobs out there, but it feels a bit like panning for gold – you gotta sift … Read more