11 Simple mini projects for mechanical engineering students

mechanical engineering project ideas

Mechanical engineering covers a wide range of roles and responsibilities. According to the BLS, mechanical engineers research, design, develop, build, and test mechanical and thermal devices. such as tools, engines, and machines.

Although BLS covers almost every aspect of mechanical engineering, this isn’t enough for students. Students who want to hone skills for a promising career in this field must delve deeper into understanding the roles and responsibilities.

And if you are a fresher, real-life projects are the best way to do that. 

So, here is a list of 11 mechanical mini-project ideas that are convenient, affordable, innovative, and unique.


1. A self-balancing robot

One of the best ways to start experimenting in the mechanical field is to work on a project that studies motion and energy. Self-balancing robots cover both aspects. The project aims to build a simple robot that can sense obstacles and act accordingly.

To build the robot, you need an Arduino Pro Mini, an ultrasonic distance sensor, and other components to do this project. Even though the project seems expensive, it’s worth it—a simple yet effective idea.


2. A solar-operated sprayer for farming

solar powered sprayer

Nowadays, modern automated harvesters, drones, and automatic tractors are transforming the agriculture industry. These innovations are making life easier for farmers. 

What if we tell you too can be a part of this revolution? 


By building solar-operated sprayers that save electricity costs.

This is an excellent mechanical engineering project for beginners, as you have to build a sprayer powered by Li-ion batteries. Easy, low-cost, yet an innovative idea


3. A phone charger

This is the most interesting mechanical engineering project idea that you can build in your college. Although phone chargers are readily available, but knowing how chargers work validates your basic skills in mechanics.

 The project aims to build a phone charger from scratch.


4. Silent air purifiers and humidifiers

It’s a well-known fact that pollution is increasing rapidly. As a mechanical engineering student, you can build an air purifier as an initiative to reduce pollution.

The project’s objective is to build an air purifier that will reduce the concentration of contaminants, such as smoke, fog, and other pollutants in the air. To build this project you need to master and understand the concept behind the working of a simple purifier, i.e, a fan that catches large and medium-sized particles in the air.


5. Automobile parts modification project-

 In this project, you will modify automobile parts to make them more useful. The project aims to teach you how to alter different mechanical components used in automobiles. The project covers many modifications, such as designing a single-plate friction clutch, automatic gear, an automatic electro-magnetic gear shifting system, a pneumatic car jack, etc.


6. Pneumatic Can Crusher 

 As the name suggests, this project’s objective is to build a screw-operated bottle and can crusher. Built a model that will automatically hold the cans in the queue and crush them one by one or at the same time. Through the project, you will learn about the pneumatic piston, supporting frame, vertical roller, and system to push cans.

A pneumatic can crusher is an excellent project for beginners, as it’s easy.


7. Mini belt grinder

mini belt grinder

A mini belt grinder is a unique project idea. The project aims to design a machine that can grind objects in any shape, like a circular, rectangular, or polygonal one. The project is based on an abrasive belt rotated by a single-phase induction motor. This abrasive belt is changeable depending on the shape.

The mini belt grinder is a simple yet attention-grabbing project idea.


8. Automatic pneumatic paper cutting machine

In this project, you will build a paper-cutting machine. The machine is based on a pneumatic double-acting cylinder connected to a moving cutting tool. Throughout the project, you will learn how to set up these parts so that the cutting machine is accurate. 

This is the perfect mechanical engineering project if you want to test your accuracy skills.


9. Android-controlled robotic arm

If your aim is to be unique and stand out from others, then building an android-controlled robotic arm is the best option for you.

Although a robotic arm is a unique idea on its own, you can still make it more impactful by adding additional specifications. For instance, you can build a spherical robot arm, an articulated robotic arm, a six-axis arm, a collaborative robot arm, or a parallel or delta robotic arm.


10. Regenerative braking system

Regenerative braking system

A regenerative braking system is a unique and innovative mechanical engineering project idea. You will build a braking system that generates energy each time brakes are applied. The intensity of the brake will determine the energy produced.


11. Welding Fixture

This project aims to build a working model that will firmly locate, support, and hold the workpiece in position. Welding fixtures aren’t a single idea but an entire category of welding-related projects. For example, if you want to level up, you can build gas welding fixtures, arc welding fixtures, resistance welding fixtures, or laser welding fixtures.



A resume with innovative and unique projects will help you land a lucrative job with additional advantages. On top of your skills and knowledge, you must sell yourself through your resume. 

Therefore, boost your resume with hands-on experience on various projects. These projects will prepare you to solve real-world problems using theoretical knowledge. 

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