Machine learning vs Web development: Which one to choose?

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Machine learning and web development are the two most popular and high-demand careers for computer science engineers. Of the two, web development is easy, whereas machine learning requires more effort. 

When we talk about web development vs. machine learning, both careers are different and pay differently.

However, various factors determine which one of them is a better career option. 

Let’s compare machine learning and web development down below.

Web development vs. Machine learning: Comparison

Web development refers to creating, building, and maintaining a website. A person who creates a website is known as a web developer; their job is to design, code, and add functionality to websites.

There are mainly three types of web developers: front-end developers, backend developers, and full-stack web developers. All three work on different parts of the website. For instance, the front-end developer’s main role is to make the website visually appealing.

Let us now figure out what machine learning is.

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence where different models of algorithms are trained to imitate human intelligence. In simple terms, we teach machines to analyze data and make decisions based on previous iterations.

Machine learning engineers work to develop systems that can function independently. To do so, engineers have to analyze and clean data and then work on an algorithm to make the decision-making process efficient. 

Web Development vs ML: Skills Needed

Web development 

If you know HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you can make a website. But more is needed to become a high-value developer. Let’s take an example!

Full-stack developers are specialized in both front-end and back-end development. Therefore, you must master frameworks ( HTML, CSS, Javascript ), Back-end technologies ( NodeJS, ExpressJS, Django, C++), and data management systems ( MYSQL, SQL, etc.).

Machine learning 

Machine learning demands you to master any programming language(Java, Python etc.), statistics, mathematics, and algorithms. Additionally, it also requires in-depth knowledge of neural networks, data modeling, and data analysis.

A simple machine learning model starts with data collection, data cleaning, choosing an algorithm, training, and testing the model. These steps require an extensive understanding of all skills mentioned above. 


ML vs Web Development: Opportunities

A good career option entirely depends on two factors – demand and competition. 

Web development is quite popular, and the demand for developers is increasing daily. BLS ( US bureau of labor statistics ) says that web developer jobs are expected to grow by 13 % by 2030.

In contrast, machine learning is the hottest career option right now with the competition being quite low. Demand for machine learning engineers is high. According to BLS’s prediction, data scientist jobs are expected to grow 7.7% from 2020 to 2030.


ML vs Web Development: Salary

The average salary of a junior web developer in India starts at ₹25,986 per month. On the other hand, the average salary of a senior web developer is around ₹. 7,73,995 per annum.

When it comes to machine learning, the salaries are quite high. Ambition box says the average salary of a machine learning engineer ranges between Rs.3.5 lakhs to RS.21.5 lakhs per annum, that too for entry-level engineers.

The point to be noted here is that these salaries are not specific and may vary with location, industry, and experience.


ML vs Web Development: Future predictions

Web development jobs have existed since the internet came into existence. Throughout the long history of the internet, web development has undergone many changes. Initially, making a simple website with basic navigation was an achievement. But now, things have changed.

Some say, “Web development is dying?”.

But let’s get it straight, That’s not going to happen. Yes, trends will change. A more interactive website will rule the market, but this doesn’t mean the end of web development.

On the other hand, machine learning is a fairly new field. Possibilities are only explored partially. According to Forbes, machine learning and AI will widely impact the healthcare industry. Similarly, other industries are also going to be influenced by machine learning and artificial intelligence.


What to choose between machine learning and web development?

Web development and machine learning both are good options. Pursuing any of them is beneficial. The real differentiating point is – how long it takes to start a career.

Web development is comparatively easier than machine learning. You don’t need to master mathematics and statistics in order to become a good web developer. Some basic programming knowledge is enough to get you started.

But in the case of machine learning, it’s different. Even before you get started, you need to master programming, mathematics, and statistics. Furthermore, you also need to have other skills like problem-solving and probability.

If you are willing to dedicate time and effort, machine learning will pay more than web development. 

But you might ask now which option is better? – the answer depends entirely on your goals.

If you want an instant and settled career, go for web development. If you want to explore and experiment, go for machine learning.

If programming is your interest, then web development is best for you, and machine learning is best if you are good at mathematics and critical thinking along with developing algorithms.

Analyze your core interest areas and what drives you to work more. Make a decision based on that.



Choosing between machine learning and web development is difficult. Machine learning might be a less competitive field that pays more, but the effort it takes to learn is quite high.

On the other hand, web development is easy to learn but has high competition. However, the number of jobs in this field is increasing steadily. Therefore, anyone with the required skills can earn well as a web developer.

In the end, it all boils down to what you want to do and where your keen interest lies. Good thing that at Skolar, we have both the courses that you need. 


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