How to Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence? 6 Key Tips Inside

How to start a career in artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now getting applied in a large number of functional areas of human life, organizational works, and corporate companies worldwide. AI has become an integral part of almost all industries, including banking, insurance, hospitality, telecom, transport, railways, aviation etc. 

This has led to a sudden increase in demand for qualified professionals in AI. From the career perspective, the total demand for AI and Data Science professionals in India stood at 629K as against talent availability of only 416K as of August 2022.

AI holds great potential for ease of doing tasks for corporate companies, government departments, and other organizations. 

As a promising career, it can open up multiple avenues of growth and lucrative career options if you are seriously considering a career in AI. 

But before we discuss more, let’s first take a look at the available career opportunities in AI!


Career Opportunities in AI

Due to the high demand and low supply of AI professionals in the job market, you can expect quick growth in this field. 

If you are wondering how to get a job in AI, you need not worry. 

AI is a diverse field. 

There are several industries in which you can easily get a job if you have prerequisite skills and practical knowledge of AI. As an AI professional you can also foray into other relevant fields such as Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Data Science, Robotics, and NLP (Natural Language Processing), because these fields are a subset of AI itself.

You can join a corporate company as, among others, ML Engineer, ML Assistant, Data Scientist or Data Engineer. 

Getting a job is not at all a problem in AI. Apart from its core technical operations, you can get hired in various other departments such as:

  • Sales
  • Tech operations
  • Finance
  • Marketing  

Before you start a career in AI, it is important for you to know that Data interpretation forms the basis and core of AI. 

As an AI professional you are expected to extract valuable data from a pile of raw and unstructured data. You will also be expected to have an innate ability to understand numbers and derive quantitative insights from it.


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How You Can Start Your AI Career? 

If you want to prepare for a career in AI and ML, you should have a basic knowledge of mathematics and statistics along with a working knowledge of basic computer language.

  • Knowledge in algorithms 
  • Good knowledge of mathematical concepts (i.e. probability, regression, calculus, and linear algebra)
  • A basic computer science knowledge (i.e. data structuring and programming languages like R, Python, Java or C++).

Gaining knowledge in Data analysis is crucial. Your knowledge and proficiency in handling libraries like Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib are mandatory. Also, you should have practical skills in Data cleaning, Data transformation, and Data modeling.    

Even non-science and non-tech students can undergo an online course on AI to make a fruitful career in this ever-enchanting field. However, they are expected to have some basic command over mathematics and any one or two computer languages. 


Preparations Needed to Build a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging career field for candidates who love playing with numbers and data. But without professional training and proper mentorship, your dream of making a career in AI may never kick off in reality.

Here are some tips that can help you make a rewarding career in Artificial Intelligence.

Six Tips Towards Making A Career In AI

  • Enhance your technical knowledge and programming skills.
  • Be familiar with machine learning principles and ML in action.
  • Improve your communication power and interpersonal skills.
  • Increase your analytical power(AI is all about data processing and logical interpretations).
  • Be decisive and develop quick decision-making skills.
  • Become familiar with Data-based troubleshooting.

Besides, possessing the above skills, you also need to dedicate at least 1-3 hours every day to learning AI and its core concepts. Also, you need to work on some other aspects of academics, which include learning programming languages, improving quantitative aptitude, and getting familiar with the basic operations of Machine Learning.


The Expected Traits of a Good AI Candidate

1. Good Understanding of Statistics and Analysis: Data can be gathered in different statistical forms. It can be in the form of numbers, formulae, shapes, spaces, and quantities. Gaining a thorough understanding of data is necessary to succeed as an AI specialist.

2. Knowledge of analyzing complex algorithms: You are expected to analyze complex algorithms and even troubleshoot them on a daily basis as an AI expert. 

3. Knowledge in Act of Probability: The concept of probability is often used in AI to determine outcomes of various analyses. 

4. Knowledge in ML: Machine Learning (ML) and practical skills in solving complex and difficult algorithms form an important aspect of your career in this field. You cannot become an expert in AI unless you have a thorough understanding of ML. 

Thus, becoming an AI engineer is not tough if you are a committed and determined learner. However, don’t forget that practical knowledge is a must in this field. Irrespective of your core academic disciplines, it’s essential that you possess relevant practical skills and hands-on training before you can start applying for relevant jobs.


In Conclusion

If you’ve ever thought about how to become an AI engineer, completing a career-oriented course on AI is the answer. After completing the course, you can start applying for relevant jobs at various IT firms, MNCs, organizations, and government departments. 

AI is sprawling in almost every functional area of human life and the corporate world. There will not be any looking back for you once you kickstart your career in AI. There is no dearth of job options in this field. So, what are you waiting for? If AI is your inner calling—make the most out of it. Get in touch with Skolar for more information.


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