How Long Does It Take to Become a Data Scientist?

is data science easy

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Being a data scientist is now ranked among America’s top three best jobs in the US. And guess what – this trend has been continuing for the last five years.

No doubt, in the coming days, the craze of data science is likely to transcend the entire India, too. According to India Today, Data Science has witnessed a humongous growth of 650% since 2012. It is expected to become a $231 billion business segment in the next three or four years.

If technology and digits intrigue you, data science can be the best option for your professional life. Unlike what many people think, it won’t take too much time to be a data scientist if you are a committed learner.

On the other hand, if you are new to this field, then the learning curve will be slightly longer. 

Let us see in detail how much time it takes to learn data science.


Learning Data Science – How much time does it take?

Now learning data science isn’t really easy. If you pursue a university-specific undergraduate or postgraduate program, you are likely to receive your degree within three to four years. 

You may even require an additional one to two years if you take up further specialization in any sub-themes.

However, using the potential of online courses on data science, you can master it within 12 to 18 months (this includes course duration and personal practice), not to mention the inclusion of training programs like Data Science at Skolar.

When you go for online mode, make sure you spend an ample amount of time learning essential concepts, working on practical problems, and understanding the relevant trends in it.

Another important factor that might come into play is the difficulty to learn. While first-timers may find it difficult to grasp from the very beginning, students with experience can definitely have a slight upper hand.

Now you might be wondering –


Is It Hard to Become a Data Scientist? 

Well, that depends. Here, passion and interest matter much more than your academic credentials.  

You can either pursue a specific undergraduate or postgraduate degree in data science from any college or institute or opt for an industry-oriented online certification or diploma program in data science. 

Improving your technical skills and communication prowess can help you a lot in this journey. 

Data science is highly suitable for candidates possessing a Master’s or Ph.D. in statistics. 

Is a degree necessary though?

Not really!

You can still fulfill your dream of becoming a data scientist by pursuing a short-term job-oriented certification or diploma program in data science from a well-recognized institute.


Is it worth becoming a data scientist?

Yes. Data science is making its presence felt more than ever these days. Corporate companies and IT firms are now integrating the latest technologies like big data, IoT, AI, ML, deep learning, robotics, etc., in their day-to-day business operation for improving the quality of their output.

Right from healthcare, retailing, hospitality, IT, and digital marketing to sports; qualified data science professionals are the need of the hour. They know how to infer meaningful information from data-driven statistics or analysis.

Companies hire data science professionals who have a thorough understanding of statistics and its relevant principles. These professionals scrutinize relevant data and statistical reports to help a firm grow and thrive.

Currently, data scientists are in huge demand across the world, including India. They receive an excellent salary package, plus other perks as per the industry standard. 

According to reports, over 90% of data scientists are currently earning more than $52,950/- per year. It shows the kind of confidence that data science professionals enjoy in a corporate setup.

If you love playing with numbers, becoming a data scientist is worth it. 

  • Apart from a lucrative salary package, the job of a data scientist also comes with enormous respect, a well-defined career path, excellent job options, a work-life balance, and a secure future.
  • Data scientists also need to possess certain skills to succeed in their job profile. They have to work on various matters, almost coherently, which makes it essential for them to have interdisciplinary knowledge and other skills.


Skills You Need to Become a Data Scientist

Programming Languages

Data scientists use various programming languages like R, SQL, Python, Matlab, and others for statistical analysis and mathematical computation

A data scientist uses a set of scientific principles and mathematical algorithms to extract meaningful insights from a pile of raw data. 

As you aspire to be a data scientist, try to develop a good knowledge of programming languages is a prerequisite. The more comfortable you are with numbers and programming, the more accurate and effective your analysis will be. 


Business Intelligence 

Data scientists are expected to have a certain degree of business intelligence to perform their tasks better, especially for businesses that heavily rely on data. Data science professionals often have to work on business data and scrutinize business-related decisions for analytical purposes. 

This makes it crucial for them to have the necessary knowledge of business for their day-to-day data-related research work and projects.  


Communication Skills

A data scientist doesn’t work in a lab. They have to work with a team and interact with multiple people. Many of these people may not understand industry jargon or other statistical terms. In such a case, it is the responsibility of a data scientist to explain relevant terms to them in a simple way.

A data science professional also has to spend a lot of time writing research reports or giving presentations. You’re expected to have good command over the language and data visualization tools to communicate your ideas with the CEOs, managers, industry leaders, and corporate barons. 

So what’s next? Well, you gain expertise over a period of time. It’s not easy. Once you’ve carved your niche in this profession, you need to master it! 


Master Data Science

Now, we’ve come to the most important part­—mastering data science. It will take time, as mastering any subject requires passion, consistency, hard work, self-motivation, and 100% dedication at work.  

Once you get into the job, your immediate focus should be to learn as much as you can. 

You can talk to your colleagues and seniors to understand the latest trends in data science and prepare yourself accordingly for it.



The job profile of a data scientist is interesting. You’ll work on plenty of things, including business intelligence, mathematical algorithms, probability, and statistics, plus meeting company directors and CEOs to explain your research reports to them.

You need to be a thorough professional and a team player to manage the intricacies which come as a data scientist. 

Now is the time to make the right move forward by undergoing an online certification program in data science to secure your career and realize your dream. Check out Skolar to get started.


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