How is Skolar bridging skill development and regular academics?

skolar bridging the gap

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When you take a look around, it almost seems that education is one of those assets that still seems very meritocratic and unavailable for most classes of society.

Even though India has witnessed significant growth in the educational sector ($117 billion by 2020 alone), there is still a presence of the same ages old traditional trajectory of learning and earning in the country.

India, like most developing countries, is still way past in terms of its education. Even though we have come a long way in terms of economic and technological developments, our education departments still suffer from the inherited stereotypical concepts that our ancestors have grown up with.

Here’s something we’re deciding to overlook:

  • Although the youth population aged between 15 to 24 grew more than 30% between the years 2000 and 2019, the labor force participation rate decreased by about 12% globally.
  • The jobs that were once held by the young people of society are now being automated as it improves productivity and double production.
  • More than 25% of the youth aged 18 to 24 stopped working during the pandemic and most people lost their ‘stable’ jobs.

And even though there seem to be a lot of resources that claim to bridge skills and learners, it seems that there’s still a huge gap between what’s being preached and practiced.

Hence, Skolar!


Introducing Skolar

When it comes to learning, there are plenty of options to leverage. However, what you should be focusing on is skill development.

Skolar is one of those online learning platforms that has understood what’s missing in the current modern education system and what needs to be repaired.

The employment industry around us has taken major leaps over the last few years. The industries that just required you to be qualified, now require you to be skilled and experienced. While experience isn’t something that you can outside the workplace, skill definitely is achievable, especially from a comprehensive skill development platform like Skolar.

Skolar was launched in 2020 with the aim to introduce students to a set of training programs that can build their skills in their respective fields.

With courses ranging from Machine Learning to Content Marketing and Finance, there’s a plethora of courses and programs that Skolar has to offer.


Why Skolar?

Over the years, modern education has transformed into more focused on skill development than academic development. Yet unsurprisingly, this was the default trajectory for things from day one.

With such a notion in the current global professional environment, this kind of preference for skill development only means one thing – investing in yourself.

Skolar, in this case, blends a unique experience of knowledge and skill development.


  • 15+ training programs,
  • professional mentors from almost every industry,
  • and, a rigorous learning model,

the right question probably is – Why not Skolar?

And, here’s how Skolar is doing it…


1. Understanding what the country needs

India, being the primary demographic of Skolar, needs a serious skill development boost. With a population of 1.4 crores, almost about to beat China, India is growing rapidly. 

And with this growing population, there’s a cutthroat competition that just can’t sustain the employment of every single person.

For anybody to make their way into this competitive landscape, it’s almost imperative to start building your portfolio and fill it up with the skills you’re going to need to make it to your industry.

For this purpose, Skolar provides dynamic learning programs that are all built and provided online.


2. Access to a flexible learning environment

With training that imparts knowledge from the beginning till the end, our training programs are designed in such a way that it fits perfectly for all types of learners.

Our unique blend of self-paced and instructor-led training programs allows the learners to pick an option they ‘want’ to settle with, not what is being imposed on them.

Not just that but our training courses are also closely associated with professionals from industries that look forward to meeting learners that want to learn from their experiences over the years.


3. A comprehensive plan to fill the gap

We don’t critique the current academic models. In fact, that’s where we have learned from. However, between the basics and dedicated full-fledged advanced training, we have found a sweet spot that we call Skolar.

We precisely emphasize building skills and skills only. 

Our training programs are crafted by experts that know what’s popping up in the industry and what the students need to learn to enter these industries.


4. A dedicated, open line of communication

Support and customer service aside, we look through our learners and understand their pain points to carefully curate our curriculum for them. Some might say that we even personalize our curriculum, which is completely acceptable to us.

By following such a structure, not only are we able to train our learners once, but we have found a really interesting retention rate, something we never expected.

Being in frequent communication with our learners and dedicating a full-fledged community for them, always allows us to learn more about them and how we can also improve our training model for our students.



There’s a difference between studying and learning, hearing and listening.

At Skolar, encouragement is always directed toward listening carefully while learning. In fact, the minor and major projects that our students complete are a testament to how well the Skolar community is proving to be for new and old learners.

And if you haven’t joined Skolar yet, well, it’s never too late.


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