15 Data science project ideas for final year students

data science project ideas for final year students

Nowadays, data science is one of the hottest jobs. Companies and businesses are eagerly hiring data scientists who can help them scale their businesses to the next level. If you are already a data scientist and want to stand out from the competition, data science projects can be the key to your dream job.

Data science projects allow you to use theoretical knowledge in real life. Whether you want to stand out or acquire proficiency in data science, building a model or project using data science will work for you. 

Let us see the top 15 data science project ideas for final year students.



chatbot using data science
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Nowadays, almost every business focuses more on improving the customer experience. In the era of e-commerce stores, chatbots as a data science project will positively impact your resume.

The project aims to create an automatic chat tool for a better customer experience. You can create different types of chatbots, such as menu- or button-based chatbots, voice chatbots, or customer support chatbots.

2. Movie recommendation platform

In this project, you will create a model similar to Netflix, YouTube, and Hotstar. The project aims to build a platform to suggest movies/websites based on previous preferences. In action, you will learn how the algorithms work and how data analysis is used in ML projects. We mainly recommend this for people who have experience with R programming.


3. Recognition of Emotion through Speech

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The main objective of this project is to predict human emotions through speech. In simple terms, the model will identify the tone/mood of a person through their voice, i.e., a speech recognition model. 

In this project, you will learn to implement NumPy, PyAudio, Librosa, and SoundFile.


4. Segmentation of customer groups

The idea of customer segmentation helps companies boost sales. If you can build a segmentation model, the chances of company’s hiring you will be high. In this project, you will learn to classify customers based on age, gender, buying patterns, and interests. This information is helpful in marketing campaigns, sales, and predicting product demand.


5. Breast Cancer Classification

The project’s objective is to find the early symptoms of breast cancer using a model that diagnoses breast cancer by analyzing images of cancer, inducing cells with the help of deep learning attributes. 

This project not only helps to diagnose the disease but also helps in suggesting early medications.


6. Fake news detection

In this project, you will build a program to detect fake news. The project is based on Ml and data analysis, and you must detect fake platforms’ trends and patterns. In the process, you will learn to implement classification algorithms and use other data science concepts.


7. Stock Market Prediction

In this project, you will build a project that can predict stock market volatility. Throughout the project, you will learn how to apply machine learning algorithms to various data sets, such as the euro stock market data set. The project is fun and easy and validates your knowledge in all fields.


8. Macroeconomic Trends Prediction 

Ever wondered how economists predict recession?

Well, they predict based on stats and data from previous trends and patterns. So, in this project, you will build a system that predicts major economic trends.

Through this project, you will learn to handle null values in a data set, implement exploratory data analysis techniques, and much more. Therefore, this can be a good option for beginners.


 9. Credit card fraud detection

credit card fraud detection
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This data science project aims to provide a method to detect credit card fraud. Although collecting data for the project is quite complex, as banks need to release transaction data publicly, still you can find publicly available data to build your model.

While building this project you will learn to handle imbalanced data, implement a classifier model, compare the accuracy, identify fraudulent transactions, and much more.


10. Gender detection and age prediction

Gender and age prediction is a project that will detect age and gender of an individual using images. The first task in this project is to train a model for multiple image formats, including pb, txt, and Caffe model.

The second one is to train a model to be accurate despite factors like makeup, poor lighting, unusual facial expressions, and filters.

11. Virtual Health Assistant

The goal of a virtual health assistant is to give immediate and proper medication based on the patient’s symptoms. Here, you will design a project that can suggest immediate home remedies based on symptoms. To successfully complete this project, you will need a basic knowledge of data analysis and some basic machine learning concepts.

12. Dynamic Pricing Project

Dynamic pricing refers to the change in the price of a particular product based on trends, statistics, and market conditions. You can develop an ML project based on the same concepts. A project that analyses prices and changes according to need.

In action, you will learn how to implement data science and machine learning concepts together into one model..


13. Inventory management project 

This project aims to analyze inventory levels across locations and then recommend the minimum stock to be stored and meet the demand. 

This in turn improves operational efficiency, maximizes sales, and reduces costs. If you can successfully build an inventory management model, then it can really give a boost to your resume.

14. Medical Image Analysis

This project helps doctors predict diseases based on scanned images. These images may include MRI, sonography, X-rays, and CT scans. Your aim is to build a project that can accurately diagnose the disease.

You must know ML, deep learning, and data sciences to build a medical image analysis project.

15. Detecting forest fire

Forest fires are uncontrollable. No one can control fire, but we can predict when a forest fire is about to start and how far it can spread. Several factors give an early indication, such as a sudden change in the surrounding environment, animal habitat, and temperature change.

In this project, you will develop a model that predicts forest fires. This can be a good example of exhibiting one’s skills in data science.



We’ve listed the top 15 data science projects that you can work on to differentiate yourself from your peers. These projects are also helpful if you want to hone your data science skills.  

Going forward, if you are new to data science and want to master it, then you can check out our Data Science X Machine Learning course.  


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