Is mechanical engineering hard to study – An explanation

is mechanical engineering hard to study

We all know mechanical engineering at this point. Building and assembling and understanding, right? How hard could it be? But what if we tell you that more than 40% of engineering students drop out? Would that be concerning? You see, mechanical engineering is a really interesting domain. After all, it’s all about physical machines that […]

How to Answer: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses

how to answer what are your strengths and weaknesses

Job interviews are always unpredictable. Unlike the university-level exams, when you know the syllabus of the course for which you are appearing at the term-end exam, in interviews, questions are a bit tricky.  In fact, HR managers are trained and skilled in it. For a single post, multiple candidates apply, and HR managers are the […]

Is Mechanical Engineering a Good Career Option?

mechanical engineering good career option

If you are wondering, can I make a good career in mechanical engineering, then you have come to the right place. Yes, you can definitely chart out a rewarding career in Mechanical Engineering as it has vast opportunities in the public sector and corporate companies.  According to NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies), […]

How to answer tell me about yourself?

how to answer tell me about yourself

You are most likely to be asked the question “Tell me about yourself” during the screening or first round of interviews by the HR department of a company.  This question is asked basically to judge self-confidence and capacity to bring out points why you should be considered for a particular job.  Your answer to this […]

How is Skolar bridging skill development and regular academics?

skolar bridging the gap

When you take a look around, it almost seems that education is one of those assets that still seems very meritocratic and unavailable for most classes of society. Even though India has witnessed significant growth in the educational sector ($117 billion by 2020 alone), there is still a presence of the same ages old traditional […]

Why is e-learning here to stay – Understanding the economics of online learning

why is elearning here to stay

Even before the pandemic, the e-Learning sector was growing rapidly, and the market worth was approximately $247 million.  However, the pandemic has provided a major boost to this sector. As schools and other educational institutions were forced to close down, and people had to follow social distancing and quarantine protocols, the traditional campus-based model had […]