Novice to Expert: How Long it Takes to Learn Machine Learning?

time taken to learn machine learning

Are you in a dilemma of whether to pursue machine learning or not? Even if you have decided to become an ML engineer, the next big question you might have is, “How long does it take to master it?” Well, your doubt is valid. ML is multi-disciplinary and demands mastering several fields. However, how much […]

Machine Learning or Data Science Which Pays More ?

machine learning and data science salary comparison

Data science and machine learning are two of the hottest jobs in the IT sector. Businesses and companies are eagerly hiring data and ML professionals who can help them extract valuable information from data or develop a system that can make better decisions.  The prospective candidate often gets confused about which career option is best […]

Is machine learning required for data analytics?

machine learning data analytics

Every company aspires to expand. However, only a small number of businesses actually implement this vision successfully, thanks to data-based decision-making.  And businesses have begun employing data analytics based on machine learning to make these well-informed decisions. Before we examine how machine learning supports data analysis, let’s first examine each discipline’s foundations. Understanding machine learning […]

Data Science vs Machine Learning: What’s the Difference?


“Data Science” and “Machine Learning” are two of the most searched terms in the technology world in the twenty-first century.  These two techniques are being used by everyone from first-year computer science students to large corporations such as Netflix and Amazon.  Data Science  Dats Science is the intricate analysis of massive amounts of data stored […]

Machine learning vs Web development: Which one to choose?

Machine learning and web development are the two most popular and high-demand careers for computer science engineers. Of the two, web development is easy, whereas machine learning requires more effort.  When we talk about web development vs. machine learning, both careers are different and pay differently. However, various factors determine which one of them is […]

What is the future of machine learning?

Machine learning is now at the heart of many technologies, from Netflix’s recommendation algorithm to self-driving cars. In this article, we will look at the future of machine learning and its application across industries.

How much python is required for machine learning?

how much python is required to learn machine learning

Python is one of the world’s most preferred programming languages for machine learning. It is simple, consistent, flexible, easy to understand, and has multiple libraries and frameworks.  The most common question among people looking to upskill in machine learning is: how much python is required for machine learning? Or if they do have an answer […]