How to Answer – “What Is Your Expected Salary?”

How to Answer What Is Your Expected Salary

If you are sitting in a job interview, the HR manager of the company concerned is most likely to ask what is your desired salary.  A simple question, right? Except it’s not. Your expected salary is a number that’s calculated on a variety of factors that range from your skills to the need for these […]

How to Answer: What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses

how to answer what are your strengths and weaknesses

Job interviews are always unpredictable. Unlike the university-level exams, when you know the syllabus of the course for which you are appearing at the term-end exam, in interviews, questions are a bit tricky.  In fact, HR managers are trained and skilled in it. For a single post, multiple candidates apply, and HR managers are the […]

How to answer tell me about yourself?

how to answer tell me about yourself

You are most likely to be asked the question “Tell me about yourself” during the screening or first round of interviews by the HR department of a company.  This question is asked basically to judge self-confidence and capacity to bring out points why you should be considered for a particular job.  Your answer to this […]